Rarotonga For families
Heaps of fun for children of all ages

Children of all ages will find heaps of fun activities on Rarotonga. From jungle hikes and discovering snorkelling, mini-golf to 4-wheel drive adventures and lively market places, Rarotonga is fun for kids.

Rarotonga family fun Fun for children from dawn until dusk

But the nicest part is that Cook Islanders are known for their love of children and this very warm welcome and the overall affordability of the Cooks makes it a fantastic destination for a family getaway. It is also a safe destination.

Many of the accommodators and tour operators have specially designed packages for family travel with special discounts for children and group prices available.

There are also ways of enjoying Rarotonga without needing to spend a lot of money. Accommodators often have kayaks for guests to use, swimming and snorkeling straight off the beach is great, exploring on foot or bicycle is fun and the bus system is reliable.

Rarotonga's revamped Whale Centre has excellent information about whales - especially those incredible Humpbacks that cruise these waters each year. New to the Centre are terrariums with coconut crabs, skinks, lizards, centipedes and huntsman spiders. There are also aquariums with freshwater fish and crayfish. It's fascinating for young and old.

Where to eat Rarotonga family lunch Family friendly menus often available

Several of the restaurants have special menus for children. The range of fish and chips, hamburger and takeaway places - some have the island's best lagoon views - are also a popular option.

For families who are self-catering, the local stores and market have a wide selection of goods.

Childcare and activities

The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa and The Edgewater Resort & Spa have kids clubs, which are open to non-house guests.