Wet & Wild in Aitutaki Posted 05.09.2017

A chat with Quinton Schofield, operator of the locally-owned Aitutaki adventure business Wet & Wild.

Tell us about your connection to Aitutaki


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Tips for a beach wedding in Rarotonga Posted 28.04.2017

Brynn Acheson, a native of Montana USA, and Ina Nooroa, a local Cook Islander first laid eyes on each other in 2010 when Brynn took...

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Things visitors might like to know about the flora and fauna of the Cook Islands Posted 05.04.2017

When Gerald McCormack came to the Cook Islands in 1980 as the government's schools science advisor, he was surprised students were not being taught about...

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“One hundred…not out!” Posted 21.03.2017 The mysterious ‘boiler’

For Rarotonga, Christmas Day 2016 marked an unusual centenary - the day the Union Steam Ship Company’s RMS Maitai, was wrecked on...

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Pacific Weave - a unique cultural shopping experience Posted 19.03.2017

Russian-born Rarotonga entrepreneur Tatiana Burn opened a new store in 2016 showcasing the art of weaving from around the Pacific, aptly named Pacific Weave.


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Why Tim Bailey believes the Cook Islands is the place to 'Love a little paradise' Posted 13.03.2017

A journalist by profession, Tim Bailey is one of the most recognisable faces on Australian television, best known for his long association with Network...

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A 'heart to heart' with Pa…one of the Cook Islands’ most celebrated national treasures Posted 05.03.2017

‘Heart to heart’ is how Pa Teuruaa will greet you. His heart pressed against your heart, sealed by his all embracing arms.

Pa’s trademark personality...

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Please don’t feed the dogs of Rarotonga Posted 08.04.2015

Walk on any beach in Rarotonga and dogs will greet you, sit by you, and offer to play with you. If you choose not to...

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​Giants in the Harbour Posted 25.12.2016

According to Stephenie Jansen, owner and skipper of Rarotonga’s popular semi submersible, Raro Reef Sub, one of the breath-taking moments for her passengers is catching...

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Pai Chambers, a modest and gracious lady from Arorangi Posted 22.11.2016

In 2011, RentRaro (a.k.a. Heritage Holdings) swept the field in the Air New Zealand Cook Islands Tourism Awards winning the Internet Marketing Award, the Tourism...

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