Make the most of your stay in the Cook Islands by being aware of the 'essentials' before you arrive.


Voltage is 220 AC/50 cycle, the same as New Zealand and Australia and the same three blade plugs (type I plug) are used. If you are travelling from a part of the world where your appliances are 110v you will need a voltage transformer. Check your specific appliances though - some can handle a range of voltages. Many of the hotels have at least one 110v 'plug' in their rooms, often in the bathroom.

On Rarotonga, Aitutaki and Atiu electricity is available 24 hours. On the outer islands it is more limited.

Mobiles & WiFi

Vodafone Cook IslandsMobile phone services are provided by Vodafone Cook Islands. To access the Vodafone network, you'll need a Vodafone SIM card. You can buy a Visitor Sim card from the Vodafone offices in Avarua, or from Vodafone at the airport on arrival, or other retail outlets.

Depending on the type of SIM your phone uses, you'll need to use a standard, micro or nano SIM. You'll get all three sizes in one SIM card - pop out the size you need. Check your mobile's manual to find out what SIM your phone uses.

You may also need to check if your phone is compatible with the Vodafone network.

Vodafone Cook Islands offers Wi-Fi in through hundreds of hotspots in Rarotonga including at the Bluesky centre in Avarua.

On Aitutaki, Vodafone Cook Islands also offers Wi-Fi in hotels and hotspots.

For all queries regarding Visitor SIM Cards, WiFi, and Roaming, check Vodafone Cook Islands.

For more mobile & WiFi information read this Q&A about Vodafone Cook Islands: Internet and WiFi with Vodafone in the Cook Islands