Kia Orana

Pronounced, kee-ya or-rana, this Cook Islands greeting translates as 'live long and healthy'.

There is no place quite like it!

Cook Islands logoCook Islanders are proudly Polynesian, warm and friendly, and the vibrant culture is happy and engaging. Beaches, lagoons, mountains and rain forests are a pristine wonderland. Cafés, restaurants, beach bars and nightlife are all around. And, offshore and onshore adventures are bountiful.

It's not hard to love this little paradise! Importantly, the pace is pleasantly 'island time!'

Situated in the South Pacific Ocean, the Cook Islands is in the same time zone as the Hawaiian Islands, our northern hemisphere cousins.

Rarotonga, Cook Islands' biggest island and gateway, is around four hours flying time from Auckland; around 6 hours from Honolulu; around 3 hours from Papeete; and around six hours from Sydney. Check with the airlines for exact flying times.

Cook Islands is served from Auckland by Air New Zealand, from Honolulu by Hawaiian Airlines, from Sydney by Jetstar, and Papeete by Air Rarotonga and Air Tahiti.
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Visit the Cook Islands soon: there is no place quite like it!

Kia Manuia.

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