'The pulse of Rarotonga'

Located near the waterfront next to Avarua, Rarotonga's main township, the Punanga Nui Market on a Saturday morning is a 'must do' for visitors to the island for its cultural representation and unique Cook Islands' atmosphere.

Fresh fruit, veggies and fish, island food, coffee, pastries, smoothies, live and recorded island music, hand-made ukuleles, clothing, handicrafts, black pearls, jewellery, massage, art works, second-hand books, souvenirs and tivaevae: just about everything is available at the market!

Whilst the market, on a much smaller scale, is open Monday to Friday from 7.00am–3.00pm, Saturday is the main market day with all the stalls, shops and huts occupied with vendors, and there is the bonus of a free live 'cultural' show on stage! Punanga Nui Market opens 7.00am–12.00pm on Saturday.

T: +682 29 370
E: william.taripo@punanganui.co.ck
W: punanganui.com