"A lot of people visit the islands and fall in love with the place."

You would think that businesses for sale in the Cook Islands might be the last thing you'd look for when visiting the country on a vacation, but you'd be surprised!

The Cook Islands is one of the few places in the world that offers the opportunity to earn a living whilst also providing a laid back life style. It's a nice, safe place to live and work.

If you are thinking about a ‘sea change’, then whilst you're here make enquiries about businesses for sale in the Cook Islands, not just in tourism, but in a wide variety of enterprises. Good to see a business in real time, rather than on a website!

Cook Islands Real Estate team are not your usual realtors. They don’t have an office and they don’t put up signs all over. They get most of their enquiries from their website and Facebook page, or simply by people calling when they are on the island. They invite you for a cup of coffee at a café to suit you to start the conversation; nice and neutral, less pressure for everyone!

They explain the intricacies of living and investing in the Cooks. At that point you may realise that the Cook Islands is not for you, but if it is, they list the opportunities and offer to take you to view properties and businesses that interest you.

The Cook Islands Real Estate team comprising Debra Graham, Craig Graham and Carey Winterflood (see image above) have solid realty experience in the Cook Islands. Carey is originally from Australia and Debra and Craig are from New Zealand.

“Our customers are an equal share between Australians and New Zealanders. That is where 90% of our business comes from,” said Carey.

“A lot of people visit the islands and fall in love with the place. Many call us whilst they are here to ask about buying a business here.

“Businesses for sale in the Cook Islands range from multi-million dollar resorts, to hotels, motels and cafes, all the way down the price range to a $100,000 fish and chip take-away. We have had fishing boats for sale, and smash repairs, diving outfits, four-wheel drive tours, the list goes on.”

Carey added that there is a lot of red tape to go through in the Cook Islands, mainly to protect the locals, which in his opinion is a good thing.

“We hold buyers by the hand the whole way through the process,” said Carey.

Visit the Cook Islands Real Estate website for more information.

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