‘Retro’, in musical terms, describes popular music reminiscent of the 50s, 60s and 70s, including such greats as Frank Sinatra, The Supremes, Eartha Kitt, Olivia Newton John and The Beach Boys.

Ian and Clare Wheeldon (pictured above), owner-operators of Rarotonga’s stylish coffee hangout The Café, are big retro music fans. The latest addition to The Café is a classic record player, complete with a wide-ranging selection of vinyl LP’s for customers to browse through and play at their leisure.

From Derby, England, Clare was brought up watching Blue Hawaii and South Pacific; Ian was lost in Huckleberry Finn and Treasure Island. It seems it was predestined that they end up on a tropical island.

“We have been here over ten years now and Rarotonga is home,” said Clare.

The Café is situated in the courtyard of the historic Beachcomber building in Avarua overlooking the ocean, and is renowned locally for its espresso, tasty light meals and homemade cakes.

“You can find anything from Pink Floyd, The Beatles and The Doobie Brothers, to Sinatra, Dean Martin and Louis Armstrong. And, we also have a nice selection of Polynesian music,” said Ian.

Clare and Ian are pleased that the size of the record collection is ever increasing and that the retro music has been a big hit with both locals and visitors.

“It has led to the creation of the Vinyl Revival Club. Membership is steadily growing! With records bought here on the island, generous donations from regular customers, and records even being sent from overseas (hint, hint!) you are sure to find the perfect soundtrack to your holiday.

“There's something rather special about relaxing with a view of the ocean whilst Bobby Darin sings Somewhere Beyond The Sea.”

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