Kura Happ is the real deal! Amazing live entertainer and now reef tour guide. Posted 04.11.2019

Kura Happ is a gifted and artistic Rarotonga-born vocalist, guitarist and songwriter whose performances around the island’s music scene are soulfully entertaining and spirited.

She is...

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Everything you need to know about learning kite boarding in Rarotonga Posted 03.12.2018

How easy is it to learn how to kiteboarding on a holiday? The average time frame from knowing nothing, to confidently flying a kite and...

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Serious about big game fishing around Rarotonga? Posted 02.01.2018 Q & A with Diane from Marlin Queen Fishing Charters

What charter boats does Marlin Queen operate, and what is the capacity of each boat?


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Wet & Wild in Aitutaki Posted 05.09.2017

A chat with Quinton Schofield, operator of the locally-owned Aitutaki adventure business Wet & Wild.

Tell us about your connection to Aitutaki


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Things visitors might like to know about the flora and fauna of the Cook Islands Posted 05.04.2017

When Gerald McCormack came to the Cook Islands in 1980 as the government's schools science advisor, he was surprised students were not being taught about...

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​Giants in the Harbour Posted 25.12.2016

According to Stephenie Jansen, owner and skipper of Rarotonga’s popular semi submersible, Raro Reef Sub, one of the breath-taking moments for her passengers is catching...

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Gerald McCormack and the mountain tracks of Rarotonga Posted 12.11.2016

Gerald McCormack is Director of the Cook Islands Natural Heritage Trust. He has worked with the Cook Islands Government since 1980 as Science Advisor to...

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​The Black and White Pearls of Aitutaki ​ Posted 01.09.2016

Game fishing around Aitutaki is some of the most accessible in the South Pacific with plentiful Wahoo, Mahi Mahi and Yellow Fin Tuna; similarly, the...

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Adventures in Paradise Posted 03.08.2016

For three law students in their early twenties from Australia’s Gold Coast, a ten-day holiday in Rarotonga in May turned out to be their special...

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FAQs about game fishing off Rarotonga Posted 03.03.2016

Seafari is Rarotonga’s longest operating charter boat. Based at Avatiu Harbour, its owners, Kevin and Sharon, answer a few ‘frequently asked questions’ about fishing charters...

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